Colourful washable sticker for fabric name tag

May 9, 2020
I am a newbie, I have been doing iron on and sew in nametags and labels with epson lw 600p as a side hustle. But now I see name tags popping up everywhere they are colourful, even with printed graphics sometimes and they say it sticks to the fabric and washable and dryable. I was researching now for weeks how I could make the same thing, but couldn’t really find a solution. I reckon they are not made by label printer but a with inkjet or laser printer as they often come on a4 sheets, but just can not find the right media. Unless I have found one that says it is washable and sticks to carpet and fabric, and laser printable, but on the site I have found I couldn’t see much specification and also it was on an US page and I am from the UK. (I would definitely consider importing though if it cannot be found here) does this thing has a specific name?