Correcting/adjusting the image register on printouts

Aug 21, 2022
I am looking to find out how to shift the location of the printed image on the paper. For example, I have a file in MS Word with minimized margins (0.12" top and bottom) but when the page is printed, it does not match the image on the "print preview", is not centered on the page, and therefore does not align with the form that the image is printed on. The printed image is 13.0 mm from the top of the paper and 1.3 mm from the bottom. Left and right sides are similarly out of whack. So I need to adjust the image register, i.e., start the printed image 7 mm higher up on the paper and 5 mm to the left. Is there a setting that allows the printer to print an image register test page that can be used to more accurately measure the existing register, and a setting that will allow me to adjust the image register?

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