DDOS Attacks detected from printer ports

Oct 14, 2016
I have been having a lot of trouble with DDos Attacks on our schools network shutting down connection to the server and modem. I recently got two Netgear ProSafe Switches with DDos attack prevention. Almost as soon as I enable this feature I get a message like this:

<11> Oct 14 08:44:04 DOS[53979692]: dos_api.c(1844) 4447 %% Interface g39 has been shut down by Dos attack notification

Both printers are Lexmark. A T430 and Optra S 1650.

I have tried disabling all network settings except TCP/IP. (LexLink, AppleTalk, Netware).

I have also reset to factory settings on both the printer and the network card, but immediately get blocked by the switch.

Any suggestions for settings that could prevent these problems?