deskjet 9300 on win8.1

Jul 31, 2021
I have an old HP Deskjet 9300 printer and I am trying to install it on one of my two PCs, one runnining on Win 7, the other - on Win 8.1 ...

On win8.1:
I've tried all the steps adviced in the (HP support forum), but I still can't install it.

What happens:

1. I add a printer in "devices and printers" on LPT1 port
2. I plug in the printer in the usb
****( !!no recognition from windows - like automatic installation)
anyway I try to choose USB port instead of LPT 1 in the printer properties
**** (!! there is no such option in the drop down menu for ports - only LPT1, LPT2, COM1,COM2 etc.)

Any ideas?

This is the thread in another forum:

I am stuck here:

1.The PC not recognising when I plug in the usb cable
2. How to get the virtual port I created to work?


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