Differences between the models in the Epson Ecotank ET-27xx series.

Sep 1, 2019
I am going to buy a new printer and have decided on an Epson Ecotank.
The models to choose from are the ET-2700. ET 2710th ET-2711 and ET-2720.
I have taken out product sheets on all of them to try to understand the difference between these models. But it's not quite easy so I want help from someone who is more knowledgeable.
However, I can note that both the scanner- and the printer units are identical on these models with exactly the same specs.
But then?
Seems to be differences in the controlpanel that differs. Like for example. The ET-2720 is the only one that has a nice little display on the front. I can live without that.
But what differentiates ET-2710 and 2711? There I find no difference except that the 2711 has a blue color on the control panel. But that can't be everything ??

Another thing that differentiates is how many pages they print in black text and resp. color.
And here is something that does not match the product sheets.
The ET-2700 is said to be capable of printing 7500 pages in black text and 6000 pages in color.
The other models print 4,500 pages of black text and 7500 pages of color. And this is then calculated for the amount of ink you get in the bottles you buy to refill.
The ET-2700 bottles of type 102 contain 70 ml of ink for the colors and as much as127 ml for black color.
The other printers has a bottle of type 104 which contain all 65 ml of ink even the black.
The fact that ET-2700 prints more black text pages is logical down its larger bottle.
But how can the others print 1500 more pages in color with smaller bottles ??
The print heads eject 3 pl drops and have the same configuration with respect to the number of nozzles on all the printers so it should go for the same amount of ink.
It then seems illogical that it can differs 1500 pages despite smaller ink bottles.

Ink comes with the purchase but not quite as much as in the bottles you buy for refilling. The supplied ink is stated to correspond to 88 ink cartridges for all printers. But here too it differs.
With the included ink, you can print 6500 pages of black text and 5200 pages of color with the ET- 2700. While the others print 3600 pages of black text and 6500 pages of color. Same question here. All the included inks of the printers are stated to correspond to 88 cartridges. How, then, can ET-2700 print 1300 pages less for color with the same amount of ink that corresponds to 88 cartridges?

Have found another difference. ET-2700 can print with more formats on the paper than the others according to the data sheet..
Seems like after all, I found the differences on the different models myself :)
Except for differences between 2710 and 2711. The color of the control panel differs. Can it be everything ??
Sep 1, 2021
I'm bumping this old thread in case people have a similar question, and anyone here knows the answer. Very impressed at the amount of research here!

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