Double sided printing issues MFCL5900DW

Jun 20, 2018
Just bought brand new printer for the office. We use double sided printing on pre printed invoice paper. The issue is when printing more than 2 pages double sided the printer flips the pre printed sheet over and prints the first page on the blank side. When its just one double sided print out it does its job perfectly!

It is doing this on all 4 computers the printer is installed on. I have tried reinstalling drivers and printer, switching trays, playing with settings in both the printer and the program we use, Updating drivers. All this on one computer just to see if I could fix it.

Our older Brother printers worked perfectly with the double sided printing. It seems to be an issue with the new printer its self.

I have suggested just nixing the pre printed sheets but my boss is old fashioned and thinks that people care what their invoices look like.

Since I am stuck with the pre printed paper I am hoping someone else has dealt with this as well and has a solution!?!

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