Driver for Epson LQ 550 (with printing problems explained)

Jun 8, 2017
I am searching a driver for Epson LQ 550. I am using a driver for Epson LQ 500 in Linux(via Unitek USB-printer adapter) but have some problems - the printer is blocking a ready signal after printing(I have to switch it from power, not by button to take the paper). Also when I am printing a basic text from simple editor it often misses last line(not printing). Another problem is that maximum resolution is 180x180 DPI probably. Because when I am printing with available 360 X 360 DPI it is stoping at half and making some chars instead of graphic.

I remember that on some operating system there weren't problems(which? and maybe I can use drivers(how)?). On my Amiga computer it was probably printing with low resolution, but without problems like stopping printing.

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