Each Brother printer using Two ports - WSD & TCP/IP

Jun 18, 2020
Windows 10 PC.
I have multiple Brother printers and use them all for various reasons.
When I chose a different printer (i.e. from MFC8900 to HL3170), the list of printers to choose from has two choices for each Brother printer on my network.
Each printer has been configured on two ports for some reason, a WSD-.. port and Standard TCP/IP Port.
Using my Windows 10 PC, I'd like to have and only see one choice when I want to use a different printer.

My research this morning says to delete the printer on the WSD port.
Does brother use this to allow the printers to be monitored? (see pics below).
Will I loose monitor if I delete the printer on the WSD port?

Also, I like to retain the option for others in the household to be able to select and use the various printers from their devices, iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc..

I'll attach some pics that might help describe.

Thanks ahead of time your your help.






Jul 11, 2020
I have two MFC-J6945DW printers and, like you, cannot stand the dual TCP/IP and WSD drivers. Brother themselves recommends bypassing the WSD for printing-only scenarios, at least this was my takeaway from a conversation I had with them about their drivers when the printer was new. Feedback is a little slower for jams and status updates using only TCP/IP, but otherwise it works great. In fact, if you want to further simplify, Brothers offers a multi-printer postscript driver where a single driver can communicate with multiple Brother printers. This will work on any postscript-compatible Brother printer on your network. Your 5830 is certainly postscript capable. The others I'm not sure, I don't use their lasers.

Where I ran into trouble was with the scanner utility. It didn't like it when I deleted the WSD printer driver and had a hard time finding the scanner. At the time Brother said that updated scanner drivers would be out to fix this, but I have never revisited the issue.

I would recommend setting a Windows restore-point then trying it out. Restore points are underutilized and a great tool for this sort of thing.

Incidentally, I also recommend setting a restore point prior to any time you install, uninstall, or change a Brother driver. I do like their drivers, but their installation/uninstallation process sometimes leaves something to be desired.
Jun 18, 2020
Thanks so much for your input on this!
When I have more time, I'll read though it again to get a full understanding and apply as necessary.

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