Epson 7110 looking awful

Apr 21, 2015
hi all.. i'm at my wits end.. and was told about this forum for good solid helping advice :)

anyway in a nutshell, i print T shirts for a living (transfer and heat press etc) .. i needed a new printer and on a T shirt forum ive been on a few years everyone was mentioning to get an epson 7110 (first ever epson)

so i listened and found one on amazon, and bought the CISS for it.. (pigment inks)

to be honest.. im gutted.. the colours are dull, milky and i am not getting coming out the printer whats on the settings page on the lappy, everything has this green'ness to it.. i seriously cant retail this rubbish, blacks are dark grey, and colours are, well.. can i swear ? ;)

ive added a few pics to see what i mean.. hopefully one of you guys (or gals) can help me out here.. in fact im practically begging for an answer :(



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