Epson ET-4550 cutting/puncturing paper as it prints

Apr 8, 2018
Recently my Epson ET-4550 inkjet printer has begun cutting horizontal lines into the paper as it prints, the lines themselves seem to follow the path of the print head. I have been unable to find any solutions to this online, as everything gets redirected to horizontal steaks for misaligned print head. Tried some of the standard stuff for troubleshooting such as cleaning the print head nozzle, and alignment, but the problem persists. The paper itself has recently changed, and maybe the paper is thicker and causing this problem, but i cant find any settings for this on the printer.
Any ideas if that or what could possibly be the problem?
Thanks in advance
Dec 7, 2016
Weight: From 64 - 90g/m² plain paper
Same for roll Paper
Thats 17 to 24 lb paper stock
Best not exceed 20 lb or 22 lb paper weight
There are no settings for paper weight

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