Epson Event Manager

May 28, 2018
Have just purchased an Epson L3060 and seems to work well. Can't seem to change printer presets to (for example) A4 paper instead of US Letter size. The manual directs me to the Epson Event Manager which I am sure I downloaded during the installation but in any event have re-downloaded (epson19104.exe) and installed it but it still does not show up on the Windows 10 Start Menu. In the Programs x86 Epson folder there in an Event Manager subfolder with EEventManager.exe inside but this programs does not seem to run or do anything when double-clicking.

At the moment I only want to edit the printer presets. Perhaps there is another way, or if not, how do I get to the Event Manager?

Dec 7, 2016
Control Panel -> Devices & Printers -> Right Click Epson L3060 -> Select Printing Preferences
Under Advance Tab & Then Paper & Quality Settings -> Select Paper Size A4
This Now Becomes You Default Paper Size

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