Epson L-210 Ejecting Paper Without Priting

Sep 22, 2022
Hey everyone

I have an Epson L-210 which had been working fine until a couple of months ago when it started ejecting paper without printing, that only got worse and now it will print maybe 1 out of 10 sheets that it either ejects without printing or doesn't even pick up the paper.

I opened it up to try and visually check in case there was something broken or something, I didn't find anything that could potentially lead anywhere. I examined the roller carefully and it's fine.

Please see video with audio on

If anyone knows what to do about this, please do leave a comment.
Sep 2, 2022
Has your Epson printer suddenly stopped printing? Some printer problems are inevitable, and the paper jam is one of them. Almost every user who owns a printer experience it one or more time. You can encounter an Epson printer paper jam while attempting to print a document. Because of this printer stops working, showing an error message on the screen.

A small piece of stuck paper inside the printer causes this error and creates havoc. However, a few effective and quick fixes exist to resolve this problem without much effort. Before learning about the solutions, understand what causes the issue of jammed paper inside the printer.
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