Epson L386 factory settings

Jan 10, 2018
Hello guys,

I have a wireless printer, Epson L386. I want to reset it, to factory settings, but I have a problem.
I have reset wireless router and I have forgotten previous wireless password. So now I can't connect to
Epson menu, and I can't reset it.

After a couple of hours searching I understood that Epson has not foresee such a case...

Is there anyone that has similar problem in the past?

Best regards
Dec 7, 2016
Windows Operating System
Control Panel -> Devices & Printers -> Right Click L386 Icon -> Select Printing preferences
Under advanced Tab select "Reset Defaults" button at bottom

Should you wish to Have printer work with latest router settings (password), just re-do printer
wireless setup. Dont require old password word, just type in new passwd as you setup new
wireless access

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