Epson L800 strange nozzle print pattern

Jul 12, 2017
Hello Everyone. My printer was not in use for some time due to moving a country. I noticed tiny lines visible on a photographs when I clean a nozzles and print out the test pattern something like this came out. Veritacal lines are braking in a middle of the pattern in Cyan, Magenta and Light Magenta. Did anyone had a similar problem ? Any tips on how to fix it? would cleaning a head with a
nozzle test.jpg
solution help here? I would be really grateful for a help .
Dec 7, 2016
This is interesting. Never saw this before. Looks like ink is not drying fast enough. When paper
transport moves paper to next line, it drags the ink with the paper. That doesnt make much sense
either, because it only at beginning or ending of each pattern

Paper also appears gray in color. Do you use ordinary printer paper, copy paper or something else?
Your paper type may not absorb ink fast enough.

I really have no idea. You might want to do several more nozzle and print head cleanings.
Watch these videos first for some ideas:

Let me know if you resolve issue. I would be interested.

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