Epson Paper detached from Roll

Jan 16, 2022
Hi all,

I have a Canon ProGraf 4000 and use it in my print "business" (really it's more like a busy hobby...), and I usually print on roll media.
I have seen quit a few rolls of paper that become unattached from the cardboard tube, and once this happens the roll is unusable in the printer.

I have tried un-rolling the paper (which is quite a process depending on how much paper is still on the roll), re-attaching it and rolling it back up,
but this has not worked once for me. I can never get the paper to roll up straight.
I've ended up throwing the paper out or recycling it. What a waste!
It just happened to me again tonight, and the roll is only about half way used (It is a 100 ft roll of Epson Enhanced Matte, so 50 will be wasted).

Has this happened to anyone else here?
If so, how have you dealt with it?



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