Epson RX590 Adjustment Program

Mar 16, 2011
I have the Epson RX590 Adjustment Program. (I tried to paste the link here, but this forum won't allow me to).

The steps I took to get to work are as follows: (Leaving out any of these steps will not let the program run and it will come up with an error).

1) Ran regedit and deleted the folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EPSON\PTSG
2) In C drive, deleted the contents in the folder C:\Adjustment Program
3) Since I am running Win7 x64, I changed the Compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP3). I did that by right clicking on the AdjProg.exe file - Properties - Compatibility
4) I changed the computer date to 30-3-2007. (There is a text file in the Adjustment Program with this date)
5) I double clicked on the application AdjProg.exe
6) I clicked on Accept
7) A new window comes up: Adjustment Program... Model: Stylus RX590, and a few other things. I clicked on Select, but nothing happens.

Clicking on "Sequential adjustment mode" just brings up a small window saying "This function will be mounted in the near future. Please wait for a while." Well, I wait and wait, but of course nothing happens.

In addition, clicking on "Particular adjustment mode" (incorrectly spelt as "Perticular") doesn't work. It just sits there and doesn't come up with a new window. This is the section where I need to get to the setting which resets the waste ink pad counter.

Anyone manage to get this program working for the RX590?

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