Epson WF 3520 fails to print

Jun 26, 2014
I love this printer. It makes the best prints of anything. However, I have a problem and Epson either isn't able or isn't interested in helping me. First, I want to state that this printer gets very light use. A normal week I don't make any more than 20 copies, if that many. It's only occasionally that I want to print a picture. I paid nearly $200 for this printer when I purchased it and I hate to have to go out and buy another one for no more use than this one has had.

It seems if you interrupt the usual flow then it doesn't want to print again and I've spent endless hours monkeying around with it ... And, will finally get it to print again but what about next time?

The first time this happened the printer wasn't that old and it seemed to be brought on when the drawer ran completely out of paper. I filled it back up but it would not print. It kept telling me to either reload the drawer or remove the paper jam. There was no paper jam and I don't know how many times I removed and replaced the drawers. By the way, this is always the message; that I either need to reload the cassette or clear the paper jam.

It has two drawers (cassettes). If you are going to print a picture you put that special paper ONLY in the top drawer, which is #1.

The printer had been humming along just great until I recently wanted to print a picture. So I placed a few pieces of photo paper in drawer #1. After this I couldn't get it to print at all, out of either drawer. I just did all the things it recommends and I thought I was going to have to give it up. Then it finally printed and I tried another one just for good measure, and that printed.

But then a few days later I wanted to make just a regular copy and instead of printing out of the bottom drawer where the standard paper is it printed out of the drawer where I still had a couple pieces of photo paper. So I removed that photo paper and then it wouldn't print at all out of either drawer again.

What I'm wondering ... Is there someone out there who knows that there some specific little part, some area of the printer that is causing this to happen? I have no idea what fixes it when it finally decides to print again. I do everything I can think of: drawers in and out and reloaded very carefully, all ink cartridges removed and replaced one at a time, carriage pushed way to the left and restart, unplug the printer, let it sit and then plug back in, go into settings for the printer on my computer and select different drawer options and during this last run of bad luck I did hit to return to default settings.

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