Epson WF 7210 cartridge errors.

Oct 2, 2020
Hi everyone! Back in January my grandmother bought the Epson WF 7210. While trying to set it up she was getting errors with the initial setup cartridges, specifically the Black and Yellow cartridges. She contacted Epson and they sent her new ones, after that she said she was still unable to get it to work.
I have it now and after cleaning the contacts and chips with rubbing alcohol it is still giving the error that states "Please insert the cartridges that came with the printer." And switches between another error for the Black cartridge.
I did contact support but all she was able to tell me was that we needed to buy the XL cartridges to take place of the initial setup cartridges. I'm very hesitant to buy these after the ones they sent to replace the originals did not work.
Does anyone know how to fix this? We've spent more money on this than we would like so far. Is there any solution.. or even a way to bypass this??
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