Epson WF2660 photo printing

Apr 10, 2018
1st time trying to print photos with Epson WF2660- After loading correct photo paper into tray exactly as manual instructs, the output is half blank. The leading half of the photo is blank, followed by the first half of the image on the second half of the photo paper.Its gotta be something stupidly simple I'm doing wrong.
Daniel broken reduced.jpg
Dec 7, 2016
Gordie: Sounds like you failed to specify paper size in your print application.
I.E.: "Epson Easy Photo Print" application
Select photo you wish to print
Click Next at bottom of window
Click Printer Settings top Left of window
Select paper Size
Click OK
Select Layout on Left of Page (1 print on page or 2 prints on same page or 4 prints on same page)
Click Print

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