Epson wide format printers cannot overprint

Apr 16, 2019
In another discussion, I asked for help understanding why neither the Epson P5000 nor the Epson 4900 would print on paper other than blank paper. There's nothing in the manual that indicates it shouldn't be possible to do so. Because I didn't get an answer in the forum, I called Epson support. They gave me the following explanation.

On wide-format printers, printing on non-blank paper is "not guaranteed." There is a sensor in the print head that constantly looks ahead for white paper. If it sees a dark area, the printer may assume it has reached the end of the paper and ejects the paper without giving an error message. There's no way to turn off the sensor.

An all-in-one (copy/print/scan) printers like printers in the EcoTank series can overprint. They have the appropriate Media Types like "preprinted" and "colored paper." These media types cannot be added to the wide-format printers.

It's an undocumented feature. It is important enough that it should be mentioned in the manual.

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