Epson Xp-6100 printing to dvd tray

Nov 10, 2020
hi I bought this printer to print direct to dvds not dvd labels. I know you can only print via usb and not AirPrint to the dvd.

I thought I had connected the usb cable to the rearleft of the printer but only found out that there is another usb connector at the front bottom of the printer, which is a male to male, who’s wasn’t pricided and I’ve had to order one specifically for this.

What I need is an idiots guide to getting this set up correctly to work with my Mac

It prints perfectly to A4 and I haven’t yet. Tried out the smaller photo tray.

I mainly bought it for printing direct to dvds and CDs.

I’m also not sure how I can use the sd card for media and what format it needs to print from I.e. can it accept jpgs and will these print direct to the dvd tray?

Any hints gratefully accepted



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