Epson XP-630 Printer problems

Apr 11, 2013
I have a Lenovo 500-isk running Windows 10 pro and an Acer Aspire 5742 running Windows 10 Home with both connected to a Virginmedia Hub with 2g and 5g connections.

Recently I have replaced my old printer with an Epson Xpression Premium XP-630 which I have connected via wifi using the CD that came with the printer.

Whilst connecting the printer I rceived a message saying that the wifi connections are not supported by the printer's wifif but, up to a point, the printer works OK in as much that it prints from both computers. The main problem that I have is that software such as Paintshop Pro X9, Windows Scan and other scanning software, including that supplied by Epson cann see the scanner.

I have also found that the File Explorer sows that the Network Devices have a red cross against them

Sometimes when using the printer's own scan icon the laptop is found and sometimes it is not.

Can anyone offer me a way to resolve the problem?

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