Feeling Frustrated EcoTank ET-2650

Aug 18, 2017
Hi all! I can't believe i haven't found you all before!

I'm a graphic designer and have intermediate printing skills. I'm trying to help my dad as he has just purchsed an Epson
EcoTank ET-2650. It was sold to him (of course) for the 'exceptional photograph print quality' but it's really not. He had an old HP dinosaur prior and this printed beautiful photos with the sharpest of photos and perfect colours.

The printing options on the computer are very basic ie. standard or photo. Plain paper or photo paper.

PC world had a stack of photos supposedly printed by this printer which was what swayed dad as he thought they were fantastic quality. But, we cannot get our high res photos to print anything like them.

He not a pro photographer by any means but loves to take photos of churches, landscapes and family. He loves bringing them to life and printing them to a crisp standard. He (and I) are really disappointed with the product so far. Have i missed anything? I'm so tempted to take it back as i feel he has been mislead.

I've never had to work with ICC profiles. Is this something that would make a difference? I cant think it would make any difference to the resolution / sharpness of the photo?

Any advice or possible alternatives would be much appreciated. Thank you so so much for reading!



Dec 7, 2016
Print only high resolution pictures. Probably over 1mb in size. Cropped photos of low resolution do not print well
Try Epson brand "Glossy" photo paper.
Use only Epson brand INK.
Your printer should print acceptable quality photos, but will not print borderless photos.

Here is a PC Mag. review:

Try Epson "Easy Photo Print" application. Scroll to bottom of page and click download:

Or you can try PhotoScape here: