Finding the right printer settings

Dec 6, 2021
Hi everyone!

I make my own designs to turn into stickers and prints. So far I had them professionally printed, but I want to start printing them on my own. I use the Epson Eco Tank ET-7700. Now I need some help figuring out the right settings.

I draw on a Samsung tablet. I'll use a specific color as an example, since this one is in most of my designs: R 92, G 194, B 9 (Hex #5cc263).
I understand that printers work in the color space CMYK and that the conversion causes colors to change. When I print this color it comes out much darker than I see it on my screen. The professionally printed products looked much more like what I see on screen, if anything I'd say they're a bit brighter. Since I used different services but all products look very similar I assume there must be some sort of setting that is usually being used? I've been trying around a bit but unfortunately no luck so far. I realize that it also depends on screen settings etc. and it doesn't need to be 100% exact, I'd be happy if I can just get it closer to what the old prints looked like.

Any and all tips are appreciated :)


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