How to combine keywords in field "Keywords"

Feb 1, 2017
How do I combine keywords in the field "Keywords"?

Suppose I am looking for a posting on a hp color laserjet printer 2500n printing blank demo pages.
How do I find all postings with the word "hp" and also the sentence "blank pages"?
(In a programming language you would be using an AND operator often written as "AND" and also often written as "&").

I have noticed that searching for "hp blank pages" it doesn't find a posting with "hp 1320 feeds blank pages". However if searching for "blank pages" it will come up with this posting (and many others).


Jun 10, 2006
Hi Wnky,

Unfortunately, the forum software is unable to search for words under 4 characters in length - which isn't helpful when "HP" is going to be a popular search term. I'll see what I can do to improve this. As a workaround for the time being, it may be worth using Google as follows, as that will restrict the searches to this site.

"HP" "blank pages"

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