HP Deskjet 3050A inkjet9

Feb 13, 2012
(Apologies if this in in the incorrect forum)

Just purchased a HP Deskjet 3050A e-All-in-one and cannot get it to print from my Mac - OSX 10.6

In the Print Queue on my computer I get the error message:

"/Library/Printers/hp/cups/Inkjet9.driver/Contents/MacOS/Inkjet9 failed"

I've done a test print, bypassing the driver and that worked fine so it is obviously a driver issue. I've downloaded and installed the latest updates but still with no joy.

Any else had this issue with this printer and a Mac or know of a way round it please?

Bit annoying buying a printer and having to do all my printing through my wife's pc laptop, which works with the printer, no problem.

Much thanks in advance


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