HP Deskjet 810c strangeness

Feb 5, 2016
I know the 810c is an older printer, but we use it lightly, so any DIY help would be appreciated.

When the cover is open and the power button is pressed: -all 3 lights blink in succession; -the ink cartridges are carried all the way to the left; -the paper rollers spin quickly for a second; -the resume light (amber) blinks while the power light is off; -the ink cartridges move all the way to the right (home position). Pressing the resume or power button turns off everything.

With the cover closed, same as above except the cartridges stay on the left end until a button is pressed. Then they move home.

When the cover is open, the cartridges are supposed to move to the center. I cleaned the plastic strip that runs along the back of the printer, but that had no effect. Any suggestions for other things to try?

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