HP Deskjet D4260 Printer: Estimated Ink Levels

Oct 6, 2008
Have had my HP Deskjet D4260 printer linked to my Compaq 6720s lap-top for 7 months now (both from new).

Until about a month or so ago, I could always check my estimated ink levels by:- From the Print drop down menu, choose Properties
From Properties choose Features
From Features choose Printer Services
From Printer Services choose Check Estimated Ink Levels

Now, I get to the Printer Services sta:confused:ge but when clicking on it I get a pop-up that says "Unable to perform the operation". That happens every time I try.

Cannot discover any other way to check levels other than waiting for the light to come on on the Printer itself which isn't quite what I want or need.

The only thing that has changed from about the same time I started getting the problem is that I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox Mozilla. But to my 63 year-old non-technical brain, that shouldn't affect it. Or should it??

Any help would be appreciated. Its hopeless trying to get help from HP itself, they don't even provide a manual when you buy one of their products, though I have downloaded one from their site, but thats no help either !!

Northampton UK

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