HP M148 Printer constantly goes offline

Jun 7, 2022
Hello and thank you for the support.

I have an HP M148 printer for 3 years now. It was connected via WIFI no issues. The other day I renewed my Microsoft Office 365 and now, every time I have to print, it keeps saying the printer is offline on mine and my wife's computer. The WIFI light on the printer is solid blue meaning it has a signal. Then, I go into Control Panel and right click on my printer and select "printer properties" and go to "port." I try and click on "configure port" and get the following error message (which I never had in the past) "An error occurred during port configuration. This operation is not supported. Would anyone know what changed after I installed Office 365?

Another note to add, if I restart my computer each time, then it will print to printer. This never happened before. Would it be wise to just uninstall the printer and reinstall?

On a side note, I tried to reach out to HP support but they want to remote into my computer and says it will take 60 to 90 minutes to resolve for a low price of $59.95. Is this a scam?

Thank you

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Jun 6, 2023
Now a days hp is using HP smart app to add the printer in the computer. And this app handel all the functions and drivers itself.
If you are facing this offline issue, then you have to reset the settings of the HP Smart app. For more if you have an HP Envy 6400 printer and its also showing you hp envy 6400 printer offline then click on the article, to read more.

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