HP M148 Printer constantly goes offline

Jun 7, 2022
Hello and thank you for the support.

I have an HP M148 printer for 3 years now. It was connected via WIFI no issues. The other day I renewed my Microsoft Office 365 and now, every time I have to print, it keeps saying the printer is offline on mine and my wife's computer. The WIFI light on the printer is solid blue meaning it has a signal. Then, I go into Control Panel and right click on my printer and select "printer properties" and go to "port." I try and click on "configure port" and get the following error message (which I never had in the past) "An error occurred during port configuration. This operation is not supported. Would anyone know what changed after I installed Office 365?

Another note to add, if I restart my computer each time, then it will print to printer. This never happened before. Would it be wise to just uninstall the printer and reinstall?

On a side note, I tried to reach out to HP support but they want to remote into my computer and says it will take 60 to 90 minutes to resolve for a low price of $59.95. Is this a scam?

Thank you

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