HP P3015dn bootloader password Reset ?

Mar 25, 2021
We have several HP P3015dn in the company, each of which has a bootloader password, so it is not possible to perform a cold reset.
Unfortunately, the responsible administrator who set the passwords is no longer in the company.
If you want to do a cold reset (when the memory starts counting, keep the Go button pressed until all 3 LEDs light up.) Then the message "Enter Password" (bootloader password) appears.
Unfortunately, the network administrator password cannot be reset either, so that you cannot access the web interface.
You get to the service menu with the service pin, but there is no option to delete the bootloader password.
Several submenus are also locked in the menu control panel (control panel password).
Does anyone have any idea how when the bootloader password can be deleted?
Thanks in advance for an answer


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