Indoor/Outdoor PVC Exhibition Banner Printer Recommendation

Feb 3, 2015
Hi everyone,

I've been looking into selling exhibition material as a side business, I have an events company with 1000's of customers so it's a no brainier for me being a graphic designer too (I currently get a lot of requests for popups etc).

I've sourced some great stands, counters, popups etc but the print is where I fall short. I have a little to invest into a good A0 sized printer than will print onto PVC, I think it's around 600-700 micron typically with a decent yield!

Can anyone recommend a good printer I can possibly get a hold of second hand that will do the job? I'm not expecting mass work to begin with but something to get my experience up and the first 40 or so jobs done before I look to expand and get a better machine (if needed).

Thanks guys, any response is much appreciated.

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