Inserted graphs in EXCEL 2007 do not scale with print page reduction

Jan 12, 2011
Hope this is the right place to post this.
I have created a simple spread sheet with 3 sets of 2 rows by 24 columns of cells with my data. There are 10 blank rows between each 2 row set.
I placed a simple (Insert chart) line graph of each of the 3 data sets on the spreadsheet.
The first 2 charts were manually sized in height to fit in 8 of the 10 rows of vertical separation between set 1 and 2 and set 2 and 3. The third chart sized 8 rows tall placed one row below set 3. I selected a print rage to include all three of the 2 row sets and the three graphs,
I am using EXCEL 2007.

Here is the question:
When I hit print preview the graphs fit looks fine but the 24 columns do not fit landscape on 81/2 by 11 paper, so I adjusted the "Page set up", "Page" tab, "Scaling" option to 1 page wide by 1 page tall (this gives me a 60% reduction).
The 24 column rows now fit fine in the print out, but the inserted graphs do not scale with the 60% page reduction. They remain 100% of their size.
They remain full size and cover up some of the rows of data in the printout.
Have any of you encountered this? Has anyone figured out how to get the graph to rescale automatically to page scaling reductions in EXCEL 2007?


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