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    Have a new ip4950 that I thought was defect so I had it exchanged for another.

    The main problem with them both is leaving tram lines on the print caused by the spikes paper gripper wheels, this is noticeable on varying brands of photo paper... even Canon's own! I usually use 180gsm, laminating them helps to hide them but this shouldn't have to be done.

    The other problem is that the black text comes out 'smudgy', I have tried increasing the drying time and also the abrasion paper setting for the other problem to no avail.

    The previous printer an ip5000 gave flawless prints on almost any media and the text was 'lazer like'. I have E-mailed Canon support on three occasions and had one reply but no help was given. I have now lost faith in Canon Email support so I dispatched a recorded delivery letter to Canon UK about these problems.

    There is also one other problem that is since installing the ip4950 software I get errors in Event Viewer, 'Error ID: 59, 58 and 34 'Side by side'. Canon say's its a windows problem, Microsoft say's its a Canon problem, what can I do about it - who wins?

    Luckily I got this printer under a two year warranty and my feelings are that if no satisfactory outcome is achieved I will returned the printer for the second and last time and will stay clear of Canon printers. Any clues anyone?

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    Sparks, Jul 11, 2012
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