kyocera p5021cdn duplex printing issue

Mar 12, 2022
Dear All,

I recently bought a Kyocera p5021cdn printer. I connected it to my raspberry pi via usb. My plan is to share this printer on the network over this rpi (using ipp). The basic things are working fine. I installed the cups and samba, the printer is accessible from the network, I can print files, but the duplex printing doesn't work properly. There are 2 scenarios:
1. When I use the cups offered driver, the printer asks for MP tray. In this case I need to select the correct paper tray on the printer itself and the duplex printing works. (of course I don't want to select it manually every time, when I print)
2. When I use the official printer driver, the paper tray selection is automatic, but the duplex printing doesn't work.

I tried to check and modify the driver, but didn't find the source of this issue.

Could you suggest me something, that I can try?

Thanks for everything!

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