Laser photo MFC printer options?

Aug 11, 2021
Hello all,
I've read heaps of printer reviews, scanned forums and still find myself just as clueless as when I started. Print speeds, automated document feeders and paper tray sizes apparently matter to other people, which reflects the reviewer's scoring. Me, I don't care if my printer only manages three pages per minute. I only print now and then, seldom in bulk and sometimes nothing for weeks. Unless my printer comes with some system to avoid dried up ink, I'd prefer a laser printer to avoid hassle, but admittedly I base this on some dude's opinion on the interent.

Perhaps you knowledgeable folks can set me straight? This is what I'm hoping for:

* I need decent color printing of pics. Can I find something better than the typical small office machines or do I need to abandon laser?
* Copy / scanner, minimum 600 dpi (no need for dual sided scanning or such)
* Duplex
* Wireless
* Price is more a matter of pixels for buck, but I'm hoping for at least under 600 (usd)

The sheer amount of printers overwhelmed me. Is the truth out there?

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