Lexmark CX825 Faded Black/Color...Sometimes

Jul 15, 2021
I have a CX825 at my office that has been causing me headaches. Sometimes prints come out considerably faded, and others times the text and images are correct. All toner are above 70%, waste drum is not full, transfer roller is fine, etc. I see this happen primarily in .pdf documents. For instance, I print FedEx shipping labels weekly and it looks terrible, regardless if I use regular paper or the adhesive labels. I also have another .pdf where I added editable fields for coworkers to fill in their data. Their entries are crisp and pronounced, but the form itself is faded. Word documents happen occasionally, but to a lesser degree.

I have tested these documents on a different network printer, and it produces perfect prints, which negates the document being the culprit. This issue persists on all documents regardless of black/color/mix. I have changed every setting on my computer for quality, paper type, tray, etc. This not only affects me, but every member of my team. We are at a complete loss on what is going on.

I know this is a unique scenario, so whatever advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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