Need help with print settings for a special application

Apr 16, 2019
I have a Photoshop document with profile gray gamma 1.0. The image is a "step table" of with eleven swatches evenly spaced between HSB=(0,0,0) and HSB=(0,0,100), that is

HSB = (0,0,0) (0,0,10) (0,0,20) .... (0,0,90) (0,0,100)

If the document profile was gray gamma 2.2, the eyedropper K values would read

K = 100 90 80 ... 10 0

but because the document is gray gamma 1.0, the K values are

K = 100 99 97 93 .... 21 0

I want to send this gray gamma 1.0 image to the printer (an Epson P400) and I want the printer to print it with the K values that I give it. I don't want it to change the numbers, just print them as given. I know the print will be dark, especially in the shadows, but I want to see it that way.

Can you tell me what printer settings to use? For example, will Color with "No Color Management" do it?

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