Network printer Canon IR3300 stops working frequently

Dec 22, 2009
Hi Experts

I have got a client who has a Canon IR3300 network printer shared on a server 2003 (AD environment)

I shared the printer (it has a static ip address

There are 7 client (means 7 workstations windows XP SP3 ) , all of them can print (yes they can print without any problem) without any problem.

All of the sudden next day when they try to print a message pops up (I can not recall an exact phrase for the message) that printer cannot print check printer driver or connectivity or a printer is powder on ,,,,I forgot what the exact word of the error message

What I use to do, if I ask the user to log off and log on again or restart a PC he/she can print …….I do not why !!!!!

I disabled a firewall on all PCs (although firewall has configured for File and Printer Sharing Exception).

When the printer does not print still I can ping the printer and display web page of the printer by from all workstations

Services > Printer Spooler is running automatically

When a domain user can not print and if I check the printer properties ( right click )

  Printer properties cannot be displayed. The print spooler service is not running

But if a user domain can printer then there is no such an error message as above

What type of troubleshot should I carry out to solve this issue ?

I have been in this situation for 2 weeks and it is really embarrassing every day I receive a call the printer is not working.

Dec 22, 2009
I forgot what the exact word of the error message
I have just check one of the workstation to test the printer again and I received this error

Services > Printer Spooler is running automatically
Please be aware that a domain user can not run this :

1. Click on Start button
2. Choose Run
3. type in “Services.msc” without the quote marks
4. Enter
5. Scroll to Print Spooler – should show if spooler is running
6. Select
7. On left side, click start or restart

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