panasonic kx-p1123 printer "paper out light"

Oct 2, 2014
My dependable Panasonic printer KX-P1123 is showing me the PAPER OUT light no matter how I feed the paper into it. I have had it since about 1992 with no complaints. It is still connected to the Packard-Bell DOS computer that it was purchased with. It is how I keep my LP record collection file because I like the tractor paper to use when I go looking for additions to my library. I have the outer shell removed but cannot see anything interferring with any sensors. I hadn't used it recently and thought it just might have dust on one of them but can't see it if that's the case. The operator's manual syggests to program an alternate way but that doesn't work either. Can anyone shed any light on a solution? I would like to keep it going so I don't have to transfer my 3000+ collection manually to my newer PC.

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