PDFs with transparent text don't print correctly

Sep 25, 2013
I am creating a series of PDF documents via software that I have written.

The PDF consists of a form, some overlayed text, and a large overlayed block of text that is set to be transparent such that a graphic state with a /CA 0.5 /ca 0.5 is defined.

The PDFs display correctly in Adobe Reader, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Foxit, Google's PDF previewer, etc.

So I think the PDF is correct.

If I send the PDF to a Kyocera Model: FS-C5250DN printer, the transparent text is printed with 100% alpha, i.e. it it not a watermark anymore.

If I convert the PDF to pxl via ghostscript, the document prints correctly.

Has anyone seen anything like this?


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