Pixma Pro-100 Help


Dec 31, 2018
I had to abandon my Epson 1430 - it failed and could not be serviced - and picked up a Canon Pixma Pro-100 that was recently on sale for a net price of $60. I spent this morning unboxing and setting up the printer but I'm having significant problems getting it to print.

The printer is connected by USB cable and the Windows 10 computer sees it fine. When I go to the printer que, the notice "Attention Required" is shown at the top of the screen, but it does not say what attention is needed. I've done the ink charge an alignment and managed to get a few nozzle checks to print. All is well with them. However, the printer will not do any of these things unless you press and hold the lower silver button for about three seconds. Then it sets off and does its work.

Whenever I try to print a test image the printer seems to be doing a cleaning cycle. It never prints a the test image even if I use the lower silver button to kick it off. I tried to print a simple text document and it never printed.

And... what does this lower silver button actually do? I assumed it was a paper feed button but it seems to kick of a head cleaning nearly every time I use it.

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