Printing another printer's files

Nov 17, 2015
In trying to print files on my Epson 9900 printer and "matching" the output from another Epson printer. First off, I understand there are many variables to eliminate and control. Here's what I'm trying to do. A new client (an artist) has asked me to print existing archived files of her flat artwork made by her previous photographer/printer who has recently gone out of business. We made test prints on the same paper and compared them to prints made by the other printer. I have an Epson 9900 and he used an Epson 11860. I got to speak with him briefly and confirmed we both use the latest Epson Driver on a IMac OSX, Epson K3 inkset, and Epson Cold Press Bright paper. My soft proofing with profile and test prints come out quite a bit lighter all along the tone curve than the sample previous prints the artist brought with her. I also tried test prints using ImagePrint RIP software with the same lighter results. I was able to adjust the tone curve and color corrections in Photoshop to please her with my corrected outputs. I'm out of ideas and my question is what would cause files to print so differently when basically the only variable is the size of our Epson Printers (44 in. vs. 64 in.). I have more of her files to correct and make prints from. I expect to tweak files a little but I'd rather not do all of this extra extensive Photoshop "trial and error" work on 25 more. Thank you in advance for any thoughts to share or other ideas I could try.

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