Printing booklets on a WF-7210

Apr 27, 2018
I'm trying to print 8.5x11 booklets on 11x17 paper. That is -- prepare a booklet in Microsoft Word -- set up a double-sided booklet in Print and fold the resultant printouts in half.

This is easy on my other two Epson printers: I go to "Layout", select "Two-sided" and then "Booklet". I hit Print and get what I need.

On this printer (bought new today), the "Two-sided" box is grayed out. There seems no logical reason why this should be, but that's how it is. There is a "Two-sided printing" option on the main Print window, but when I use this the pages do not print in booklet order.

It seems unlikely that Epson would make a printer with an 11x17 tray that can't print booklets, but I don't see how and the manual and Epson Support are no help. Please let me know if you know how.

For reference, I'm using a MacBook, High Sierra 10.13.4 and the latest version of Microsoft Word for Mac.

Thank you.

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