Printing on CDs / DVDs with Canon PIxma printers

Dec 2, 2020
I'm considering purchase of a Canon Pixma that will allow for printing directly onto CDs. The promo video makes it look easy, but before I commit to buying, I'd like to know about importing images created outside their included software.
I'm a lifelong artist as well as a musician so I create my art and designs for CDs myself. I see that Canon helpfully provides templates and imagery for the general public.
But frankly, if folks in my circle saw something like that on one of my CDs, they would laugh at me for creating something so "cheesy". So, if I want to import something I did in Photoshop to print on a CD with a Canon, am I able to do so...*easily* ? If I can't, I'm not buying. Thanks !


Feb 20, 2021
The image source for printing on discs can be any jpeg. I think there's a size limit, but it's generous. You could design, scan your design, save as jpeg. I've been doing this without trouble for years on an MG5250 printer/scanner and IP7250 printer.

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