printing vertical lines on pictures


Apr 20, 2010
my hp deskjet d1560 puts faint vertical lines on all my pictures.......i have realinged the cartridges and cleaned the print head to no avail.........tried selecting different types of paper ...still the same.......the toolbox does not help me to cure this

thanks Jim..............
Apr 20, 2010
Hi jim

I am not sure what is the problem with your printer cause i can only assume.
vertical lines caused sometimes by bad rolls
the rolls push the paper out from inside to the tray if they dry or old those are the symptoms.
this thing is coverd by warranty
tell me what is the model of the printer?
Apr 24, 2011
It is likely that one of the printer ink cartridge printer head is clogged up. This can happen on both genuine printer ink cartridge and remanufatured printer ink cartridge :D
Try this step it may help
Step 1: Place the clogged nozzles in warm water and soak them until the dried ink begins to flow from the nozzle.
Step 2: After a few minutes of letting the dried ink flow, remove the nozzles from the water and dry it with a soft tissue or cotton swab.
Step 3: Reinstall the printer ink cartridge and run the print-head cleaning mechanism (described in your inkjet printer's manual).
Step 4: If this does not work, repeat the procedure.
Step 5: If your printer ink cartridge still does not print after repeating, uninstall the cartridge and place it on a soft tissue or cotton swab with rubbing alcohol in an upside down position. Let the printer ink cartridge sit on it overnight.
Step 6: Reinstall the cartridge and run the print-head cleaning mechanism (described in your inkjet printer's manual).
Step 7: If none of the procedures above works, then you did your best, unfortunately you will need to purchase a new cartridge because the print-head is probably clogged permanently and/or damaged.

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