Ricoh Aficio 5002 address book

Jul 28, 2015
Hi there,

Is anyone able to confirm that the address book (used for scanning directly to an e-mail address or network folder) should automatically sort frequent registrants by registration number? My company has a machine that I've managed for almost two years but, just recently, new registrants are being listed at the bottom of the screen regardless of their registration number. For example, instead of displaying:
  1. Andrew (registration number 1)
  2. Betty (registration number 2)
  3. Charlie (registration number 3)
We are seeing:
  1. Andrew (registration number 1)
  2. Charlie (registration number 3)
  3. Betty (registration number 2)
I have not changed the process in which new registrants are added and have not updated the device's firmware or made any other changes. It's not the end of the world but, with 50+ registrants, sorting is fairly helpful. I know the registrants can be re-ordered on the device itself, but that requires doing them one at a time and physically standing at the machine. I feel like it should be able to be done remotely from the Web Image Monitor, but I can't seem to find out where. Perhaps it's not possible.

The only solution I've found is to remove and re-add every single user in the correct order. For my sanity and overall heath, I'd prefer that I didn't have to do this every time we add/lose an employee.

Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks!


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