RICOH Aficio MP 2550 - Error SC998

Jun 6, 2014
Ok. I'm stumped.

I work for a small church. We have a Ricoh Aficio MP 2550 that was donated, almost brand new.

We print maybe 200 copies a week from it, so we don't use it to it's full potential.

This printer has always been a bit wonky, but never like this. The other day, I was printing from my mac, using Gutenprint drivers and had the wrong one selected. It began to start spitting out dozens of pages with strange gibberish and nonsense on them. This has happened before, so I tried to cancel the job and reset any other print jobs waiting.

Well, the machine refused to stop, so I had to flip the main power switch.

Once I did, the machine started up, continued printing the gibberish, and refused to stop. After 2-3 minutes, it came up with an error page saying that there was a "functional problem" and that it needed service.

The original code it displayed was SC865-01.

We had a technician come out and look at it. He checked the fuser and other parts and said it was fine. He said it was software.

Now, the machine takes forever to start up, and once it does startup, it sometimes says that it is processing something and needs to restart.

Other times, it says SC998.

Do I need to go out and get a 2.5" Harddrive for this machine? Is there a special formatting that I need to do to it before I install it?


Sep 22, 2014
did you ever find out what was causing the SC998. Same problem on the same model. we had an SC card issue that may be causing our problem.

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