Ricoh Aficio MP 4001 Missing Print Jobs


Apr 7, 2016
A customer has an Ricoh Aficio MP 4001 PCL 6 which is used to print forms onto a "board" stock. If they try to print 30 forms, only about half actually print. If they try to reprint the missing ones, again, only about half actually print.

We were using a print utility to print .tif images, and had this problem. The print utility did not detect any errors.

We tried adding a delay after each print, thinking maybe the printer couldn't handle the load, but that didn't help.

We switched to an entirely different process and are getting the same results, which leads me to believe that the printer must be the issue.

I don't know much about printers so have no idea what the problem could be. Not enough memory? Does this printer use a spool file that might not be big enough?

Would really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

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