Ricoh Aficio MP W3600 help

May 22, 2015
Hello to all ! Im new to these forums and hope to learn and maybe help others aswell during my visit ! I should also mention Im new to the printing industry :) just started working a month ago...

So Im trying to print a plan from a pdf on a Ricoh Aficio MP W3600 . The plan measures 71.5 " by 21.5" but my print driver will not allow fractions ? How do i proceed ? Also I tried to just round off the dimensions and sent the job to print but the printer had an error saying "mismatched paper size in tray one " I have a 24" roll and have entered that into the printer paper settings. After fiddling around a little the best we could get was the printer printing 54 1/2 " of the plan then cutting off !?
The client needs this copy today aswell.. go figure!
Thanks in advanced for the help and have a great day !


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