RICOH C3502 wierd printing problem

Oct 1, 2019
Hello, everyone.
Recently I experienced a problem with my printer: it asked me to load correctly the yellow toner, which I did. Suddenly, all the colors didn't converge, so the technician told me how to calibrate the printer. During calibration, the printer started printing yellow across the paper.
The technician did come and fix the issue, but since then the printer has trouble recognizing both the yellow photoconductor and the toner.

Also, if I send a color printing job from my computer and/or my phone, the colors look quite poor, like a very low resolution image, but pluging-in a usb stick to the printer itself it will print just fine. I've tried to send printing jobs with my other computers and phones, but the result is just the same.

The technician doesn't know what to do and my boss is urging us to get it fixed, thus he just paid a big service (around USD$1800).

The technician says it might have been due to a power problem, the regulator had an output of 131 volts, but he upgraded the firmware successfully, so we discarded a firmware/chipset problem. Also, we don't think that's a driver thing.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot.

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